Customized Photo Socks with Vibrant Color Tie-Dye for Couples

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Product Descriptions
Item#: DRAS0229
Our Tie-Dye Socks feature a mesmerizing array of hues, carefully hand-dyed to create a stunning visual impact. Each pair is a unique work of art, with bold and energetic patterns that exude positivity and style.

What sets our Tie-Dye Socks apart is the ability to customize them with a personal touch. Imagine wearing socks adorned with the photo of your best friend, sibling, or beloved pet. Our advanced printing technology allows us to transfer high-quality images onto the fabric, ensuring a clear and detailed representation of your chosen photo.Not only are these socks visually striking, but they also provide exceptional comfort. Crafted from soft and breathable materials, they offer a cozy and snug fit that keeps your feet happy all day long.
Basic Information
Sock Height: 22cm cm
Sole Length: 22cm cm